Do you feel completely DONE with traditional office jobs?

You thought working in an office would be the bee’s knees, but it’s more like voluntary imprisonment.

You’re dying of boredom from the same mundane, meaningless tasks day in and day out. #snooze

You feel like there’s something wrong with you for not being satisfied with a “normal” job.

You’re over driving through rush-hour traffic each day to a dull, beige office, just to sit staring into a computer screen for eight hours.

You want to do work that matters, but feel like the only thing you’re currently making an impact on is your boss’s bonus cheque.

You don’t know exactly what your next path looks like, but you know for sure it doesn’t involve being confined to a jail cell of a cubicle.

Let’s jailbreak you from this monotonous routine and create a career that’s as unique as you are.

Hi, I’m Rachel

Career Coach for Rebels, Writer, educator, and former cubicle-dweller.

I help people navigate big career changes. Like ditching traditional office jobs to pursue work that’s different, out-of-the-box, and unconventional.


Because the world already has enough suit and tie-wearing people.

Are you ready to bust out of jail and do work that feels hella good?